Silicone Flying Saucer



  • Pet soft Frisbee, strong toughness and long service life. It can be used indoors and outdoors, soft material, will not damage the dog's teeth,
  • So that the dog will not be afraid of docking the game of the Frisbee, easier to train.
  • The size is purely manual measurement, and the error is about 1-3cm. All product images are taken in kind. Because the difference between lighting and display may be different from the actual object, this kind of problem is not a product quality problem. The delivery color is subject to the actual product.


  • Frisbee is very soft and has good toughness and will not damage pet teeth or damaged items.
  • It is perfect for pet games and travel training
  • The ergonomically designed lines of the disc body use the tension generated by the rotation of the disc surface and the shape characteristics of the rim to reduce the wind resistance, so that the Frisbee has good rigidity and stable flight performance, and is not wrapped in long-distance flight.
  • Due to its excellent flexibility and flight performance, the Frisbee is easy to master and train and is not limited by the venue. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It is a good companion for training Frisbee dogs. A flying disc with stable flight, long distance and soft touch. When a dog jumps into a Frisbee, it has the least impact on the mouth and injury.