Automatic Bubble Water Bowl

Product Information
  • WATERIAL: Environmentally friendly PP resin
  • Suitable for: Cats and Dogs
  • Capacity: 1-gallon(3.8L- water)
  • WEIHT: 0.45KG (0.99lb)
  • Product 2: Lovefat Pet Autommatic Feeder device
  • Capacity: 2.1kg (4.63lb pet food)
  • WEIHT: 0.55KG (1.21lb)
  • Product 3: 2-in-1 bundle: small pet waterer with 1-gallon capacity and small pet feeder with 4.63-pound capacity; uses gravity to ensure a consistent supply of food and water
  • Small body shape Optimized structure,Save space,Great connotation
  • 2.1Kg pet dry food for small dogs/cats for 10-12 days, medium dogs for 3-5 days
  • Opaque design,Keep it away from light to be fresher
  • To make your pets healthier, it is recommended to wash the bowl and change the food/water frequently and to feed your dog regularly in a fixed quantity.