Hide & Seek Foldable Toy



  • The Mouse Hunt Puzzle toy cat keeps your kitten active, intelligent, and curious!

  • Interactive toys keep your kitten from getting bored. "Hunting Mouse for Cats is like hide and seek for cats ... it will keep you busy and having fun!

  • Foldable, The Toy pop-up toy is easy to collect and store, so do not take up space in your living room!

  • Small hole tent Material: polyester, iron wire

  • Great for fun and entertainment

  • Exercise the body of Cat while playing, use as Christmas gifts

  • They are up for the chase and ready to entertain.

  • You must be attracted by these fun and colorful little things, so that your pets

  • Available for both indoor or outdoor playing or training.not only enhance the feelings between you and your pet, but also to train your pet's IQ!

Size 11.4x30.5x30.5cm / 4.49x12.01x12.01in

Package Content: 1 Small Hole Tent, 1 Mouse Cat Toy, 1 Ball Bell