Dog Toilet Puppy Dog Blue Pet Potty Training Pad Pet Supplies 46 X 34 CM

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Ships From Hong Kong. Environmental protection resin material is conducive to the health of the dog, the dog can be cultured to go to toilet at a fixed location , so do not worry about the home will be in a mess. It is durable, sterilization anti-odor, healthy and safety, detachable design, easy to clean. Size: 46 X 34 X 5 CM (18.11 X 13.38 X 1.96 inch) Material??Thick PP Resin It can not be folded. The new push button type used in conjunction with the pet pads, the pressure on both sides for opening the buckle, lay the pet pads?in the toilet, and then press the buttons together If you are the initial use, smear the dog's urine on the toilet, which can facilitate adaptation to the new environment When properly use the toilet, do not forget to reward to it, make it a deeper impression