Durable Dog Toys Pet Toys Various Random Colors Ropes Toys Grind Teeth Training Ropes, #B15

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Ships from Hong Kong. Thes pet toys are sure to be a hit with dogs and their pet parents. Dogs need toys, lots of toys, some for when there's exercise or walks (such as tennis balls or rope tennis balls) and some for when there's yard time or home time (such as a snacker ball or a chew ball). These pet toys which can help pets grind their teeth are durable and also are interactive educational. The way to release stress for pets is usually manifested as destructive behavior. Toys can help pets reduce stress and reduce the possibility of pet destruction. The toys are certified non toxic and sure to be a hit with dogs and their pet parents. Dogs will grow teeth and they need grind their teeth. There will be an uncomfortable feeling during this period. To ease this feeling, the dog will find something to grind and the pet toys can help it. And these toys can be used for training your dear pets durablely. Package includes 1 x pet toy.