Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

When you have a dog, you know that by touching his nose, you can determine if he is ok or not. The truth is that dog's noses are almost always wet. So, when you notice that the nose of your dog is dry, you start thinking that he may not be ok.

It's important to notice that while your dog may not be ok because he has his nose dry, he may also be perfectly fine. But before we get into that point, we believe that it is important to know why dog's noses are almost always wet.


Simply put, the main reason why your dog's nose is (almost) always wet is that they need it to understand and interpret the world around him. However, to make it work better, he needs to keep it wet. This is because it is so common to see dogs always licking their noses. But this isn't the only reason. When the temperatures are high, your dog ensures that he keeps his nose always wet since this helps to decrease his body temperature. The last reason why dogs keep their noses wet is because they need to frequently clean them. Since they smell everything, it is fairly easy to catch pollen and dirt.


Now that you understand why it is so important for your dog to ensure his nose is wet, a dry nose isn't always a sign of concern. In fact, there are plenty of occasions when your dog's nose is dry and he is still healthy and in perfect shape.


Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry?


#1: Aging:

As some dogs grow older, they may develop a dry nose. This is a normal condition for certain breeds and it isn't certainly a reason to worry about


#2: Dehydration:

If your dog was outside playing or you took him for a walk, he may need to drink water since he may be dehydrated. In fact, one of the signs that show that your dog is dehydrated is a dry nose.


#3: Naps:

As you know, the older your dog, the more naps (or longer) he needs. As you can easily understand, when our dog is taking a nap, he doesn't lick his nose. So, when he is waking up, he may have a dry nose as well.


#4: Your Dog's Breed:

Some dog breeds are more prone to dry noses than others. For example, bulldogs and pugs have short snouts. So, on many occasions, they do have some difficulties to lick their noses. In case your dog has this problem, you can help him by applying a moisturizer. This should be enough to keep his nose wet.

In the case of Lhasa Apsos and other breeds, they are prone to blocked tears ducts which can also lead to dry noses.


#5: Weather:

While low temperatures aren't easy for humans, dogs also suffer a bit. If you think about it, it is not that uncommon to wake up with a scratchy or dry throat during the winter. After all, you usually keep your heating vents on. And this is exactly what happens to your dog as well. In his case, it will affect his nose that will be more dry than usual.

One of the things that you can do to prevent this situation is to put your dog's bed away from the heating vent. This ensures that his nose won't dry out.