How Do You Introduce Dogs To Cats?

How Do You Introduce Dogs To Cats?

How Do You Introduce Dogs To Cats?

How Do You Introduce Dogs To Cats? 

No matter if you already have a cat and want to adopt a dog or vice-versa, you need to know that the way you introduce them will play a very important role in the present and future. Even if the pet you already have at home is very calm, you never know how he will react to the presence of a different pet. 


#1: Pick The Right Location For The Introduction:

When you want to introduce dogs to cats, you want to ensure that this is done in a safe and controlled environment.

So, no matter if you have a dog and want to bring home a new cat or vice-versa, the introduction should be made at your own home.


#2: Pets Should Be Separated:

As soon as the first introduction takes place, your work if far from over. You need to take into consideration that you will need to supervise both pets throughout the day.

One of the things that you should consider doing is that you should give freedom to one pet at the time while the other one is confined. This will allow both pets to get used to the scent of each other.

Since this first couple of days may be a bit hard, you should consider taking the dog to another room or confine it to a crate. You can use this Portable Folding Dog Fence, for example. This will allow the cat to have enough time to investigate and get to know the dog's smell.

In case you can't seem to maintain your dog quiet when he is confined, then this is a sign that the introduction may require some extra training. You may want to try this Anti Barking Training Device first before you contact a professional.

When you need to leave home, you should leave both pets confined to their respective rooms. They should never be left unsupervised during this stage.

You should only proceed to the next step when you see that the cat is eating well and using the litter box and the dog is calmer.


#3: Make The Introduction With Leashes:

Now that both the cat and dog are already used to each other's scents, then it is time to place them in the same room. However, you want to ensure that you do it in a safe way. So, the dog should wear a leash.

You should proceed with this behavior until you notice that the cat is eating and using the litter box normally and that the dog is ignoring the cat. As a side note, in case you notice aggression or fear on either the cat or the dog, you should go back to the previous stage.


#4: Unsupervised Interactions:

When you see that both the dog and the cat are happy and ok for sharing the same room, this is the perfect time to start unsupervised interactions. At this point, both pets know each other's scents well and they should look at each other as threats.

Notice that this is a huge step. So, in order to take it, you need to be sure that thy won't hurt each other. As a rule of thumb, these unsupervised interactions tend to occur about one month or so after the first introduction.