Why Do Dogs Love Bones?

Why Do Dogs Love Bones?

Why Do Dogs Love Bones?

Why Do Dogs Love Bones?

When you have a dog, you probably already seen his happy face when it is time for a bone. Ever since they are puppies, when you give them a shank bone chunk with some meat scraps, they just can't stop until they finish all the meat. But they don't stop there. Then it is time to turn into the bone.

And your dog starts biting, chewing, grinding, scraping, and finally crushing all that is left. And they keep with the same happy face until the bone is gone. But why do dogs love bones so much?

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Why Do Dogs Love Bones?

Many people believe that this is related to their ancestral story. After all, and as you probably know, dogs descend from wolves. And while they are a domesticated version of wolves, they still share some similarities.

If you think about wolves, they need to adapt their eating habits according to the season. The vegetables and plants available change drastically and this is the food for herbivores. And these, in turn, are the perfect prey for wolves who are meat-lovers.

So, when wolves live in a dry time, they tend to become lean and thin. After all, there is a shortage of food and quality of food. And since they need the protein on the fat to be strong, eating the meat from herbivores isn't enough. So, they turn into bones.

One of the things that you may not know about bones is that they can be nutritious. In fact, the bone marrow is particularly rich in fat.

So, wolves started to be specialists in crushing bones with their teeth and strong jaw muscles. This allowed them to survive and to get the extra fat they needed.

While domestic dogs are very different from wolves, they still have things in common. And the desire to work at getting this source of fat is one of them. This Chewy Buffalo Leather Bone is perfect for your dog.


Bones Aren't All The Same

It is important to notice that bones aren't all the same. The truth is that in case you want to offer a bone to your dog, it should be raw. While this doesn't have to be this way - you can also boil bones to make them softer, raw bones tend to be more nutritious. In case you prefer, you can also go for smoked bones. This process also makes the bones softer and it makes them even tastier.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the closer the bones are to being raw or lightly cooked, the better.

As a rule of thumb, you should never offer your dog fully cooked bones since the fat they have in the bone marrow is melted away with the dish. So, he won't get any nutrients.