Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

There's no question that cats are champions in strange behaviors. From hanging out in boxes, hiding in small places, and kneading, they do it all. And in what comes to sleeping, it may b surprising to see that it seems that your cat is always sleeping.

While the time cats sleep change from cat to cat, they sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day on average.


Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

The truth is that there are plenty of reasons for your little cat to sleep so many hours. Here are some of the most important ones:


#1: Energy Conservation:

Cats are simply smaller felines that come from the same family as lions. And while they are domesticated, they still share some of the most basic instincts. One of them is to hunt their prey during the night when he can hide in the shadows. Even if you have an indoor cat, it is actually normal to see him walking and running around the house at night. And while he doesn't have a real prey to hunt, he turns to a special toy. And all this hunting is really tiring. So, your cat needs to sleep to keep his energies to hunt. Check out this comfy Doughnut Bed.


#2: Sleeping During The Day:

As we already mentioned, most cats tend to do get most of their sleep at night. And this is just the way they are. While it may seem strange, you can be sure that as soon as you wake up in the morning, your cat is probably already awakened. However, and when you least expect, you will find him in one more of his long periods of sleep.

Your cat will love to hide here.


#3: The Weather:

Another aspect that influences the way your cat sleeps is the weather. And this occurs even among kittens. The reality is that cats tend to sleep a lot more during the cold and rainy days. This Fuzzy Ball Bell is perfect for colder days.

#4: Light Sleep:

Most of the time, your cat doesn't experience a very deep sleep. In fact, if you get near him during this time, you will even be able to spot him opening an eye. This tells you that while he is asleep, he is simply taking a nap, just like you do sometimes.


Cats Are Not Nocturnal, They Are Crepuscular

In case you just welcomed a new kitten at home, then you may be wondering if he is nocturnal. After all, you keep seeing and listening to him walking and running around the house when he was supposed to be sleeping. However, cats are not nocturnal; instead, they are crepuscular. The main difference is that while nocturnal animals are active at night, crepuscular animals such as cats are active at dawn and dusk. These are the times when they are more energetic.