A Few Quick Tips to Help You Move with Pets

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Move with Pets

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Move with Pets

Are you thinking about buying a new home? If so, the process may seem intimidating when you have pets to consider. Fortunately, while your furry family members do present some challenges, there are things you can do to make the process as seamless as possible. Pawblo’s cares about your pet no matter where you live and advocates the tips below to help you make your move.

The Elephant in the Room

Before we get to tips to help you move with pets, it’s important to acknowledge the larger situation we are all dealing with. The coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult to buy a home in many parts of the country. And if you are still concerned about keeping yourself and your family safe, you’ll want to talk to your realtor about ways to avoid in-person showings. This might include doing a video chat tour or closing digitally if your state allows. However, utilizing online resources during your home hunt may not give you a full reflection of the property, so it may be necessary for you to pay it a visit to ensure it works for your entire family, pets included.

The Neighborhood

When searching for a home, it is almost always best to look for something with a yard. Dogs, especially, have lots of energy and will benefit from a fenced backyard with lots of room to roam. Often, organized neighborhoods have a community dog park or other open areas where you can walk your animals. If you are moving from the country to the city, it pays to review some ways to reduce barking as a noisy pet won’t make a good first impression on the neighbors.

Moving In

When you do decide on a home, take the moving process slowly. You’ve been expecting it, your dogs and cats have not. Keep them out of the hustle and bustle as much as possible, and provide plenty of quiet space for them to get away from the noise and the uncertainty that goes along with your furniture being moved out of your current home. Many pets experience anxiety during a move; PetHonesty suggests utilizing treats that contain passionflower, hemp oil,
melatonin, and other calming compounds to help ease your animal’s uncertainties. You can eliminate some of your own anxieties by doing your research and planning for pet food delivery to ensure you don’t run out of food while your attention is focused on the move.

Decor For Dogs And Cats

As you start to settle into your new home, choose a few accessories that will lend well to your animal's comfort. This might be a new scratching post or automatic litter box for a cat or a comfortable bed that matches your furniture for your canine companion. No matter what you choose, for you or your pet, make sure that it is durable and can withstand frequent cleanings and unintentionally sharp claws. You can personalize your space with an engraved 3-D crystal
photo or canvas photos of your furry friends.

Moving with your pet is just another milestone in your life together. Make it as smooth as possible using the tips above. And, remember, only you know your animal. Watch for signs of stress, and contact your veterinarian if you feel you need additional assistance keeping them cool, calm, and collected as you prepare to relocate.

Visit Pawblo’s online shop today for fun and exciting pet accessories, and make sure to check out our dog and cat collections to outfit your new home with everything you need for your furriest family members.

- Written by Lisa Walker